War of the Spark Prerelease

The next Magic set, War of the Spark, will be coming out soon so it is time to start reserving your spot for the prerelease. We will have events going throughout the entire weekend but the spots are limited so be sure to come to the shop and reserve your spot. You must pay before we hold a spot for you. The event price is $26 per event and if you order all 5 you get the 5th one free.

Booster boxes are also available to be ordered and can be picked up prerelease weekend for $105. This price is good until 4/21.

4/27 Midnight: Sealed Event 2pm: Sealed Event 6:30pm: Sealed Event

4/28 2pm: Two Headed Giant Sealed Event 6:30pm: Sealed Event

Have a great weekend and happy gaming.