Store Update

Due to an absolutely amazing outpouring of support from our community, Glimpses will be offering curbside pick up during the quarantine. All payments will be collected over the phone, and all items will be wiped down and transferred from a safe distance.
Glimpses is a community store, and we have decided that it is against our beliefs to profit in any way from this tragedy. During the quarantine, we will donate all profits above our running expenses to local charities and families who are unable to remain safely employed.
We at Glimpses take the Covid 19 epidemic extremely seriously. We ask that everyone remain a minimum of 6 feet from us and the shop during the transfer of items. We have people in our gaming community who are extremely susceptible to this virus, and consider it to be our personal responsibility to help stop the spread. Thank you for being a home and a family to us and to one another.

Closed But Not Done

Glimpses will be closing our doors until further notice. We appreciate all of your support and look forward to the day when we can start having folks come in to play some games again. Keep an eye on this page and our website so we can keep you updated on what is going on with our store. Stay safe out there.

Store Update

In an effort to protect our friends and community, Glimpses will be cancelling all scheduled events until Gov. Brown announces that the need for social distancing has passed. We will be open for retail daily from noon until 7 only, and hosting no casual gaming.

Please understand that this decision was hard for us, but we will always choose to promote the best interest of our community whenever possible. We encourage you to use the next few weeks to engage in games and hobbies with your loved ones. We have created discounted “quarantine kits” as a great gift for friends and family who are fighting boredom. Thank you so much to those who have reached out to us with support as we all try to get through this together!! We are, as always, grateful for the amazing gamers in our community!

Sales Galore

Good afternoon everyone. We are clearing out some product to make way for new items. In order to do this, we will be putting a bunch of items on sale and increasing the sale on our discount table.
The items on the discount table will be 75% off during the sale. All items on the sales table will be 50% off. We have some great items on the table and we will list some of the product below.
Due to the very large discount, we are not able to publish what is on the table so you can either call, message or email us. Be sure to swing by and get some great deals before they are gone. This sale ends Friday.

Warhammer 40k Escalation League

February 9 is the start of a new 40k Escalation League. The event starts at 12:30pm at the army size is 500pts. There is a $5 entry fee which is used for prizes throughout the league. Whether you are new to the game, starting a new army or just want to play some 40k, be sure to come in and get some games in.