Glimpses reopens

The time has come, friends! Glimpses will reopen its doors tomorrow, May 22nd. Our temporary hours will be 12 noon- 7 pm. If you have not yet peeked inside, I recommend that you come take a look at the new lay out. We have not spent the last month idly waiting for change. We have been working hard to provide you with the gaming space you want! Part of the clean up has left us with a gigantic table of discount items. Everything that we are not putting back on the shelves is now 75% off. We look forward to resuming gaming once Washington County is approved for phase 1.

Last Chance to Order Ikoria Before Release

The release date for Ikoria draws near. Sunday will be the last day to guarantee yourself product on release day. We still have some booster boxes, bundles, prerelease kits and collector packs available on our website so go check it out if you are still interested in ordering.

Upcoming Ikoria Release

The release date for Magic the Gatherings new set Ikoria is next week. Due to the business restrictions currently in place, we will not be running any events for the release. You can still order the items for pick up on the release date. We still have booster boxes and prerelease kits for sale so you can either order them on our webstore or give us a call and place an order over the phone.

Since we are currently doing curbside pickup only as of this time, you will need to call before you come pick up your items so that we can have it ready and waiting for you when you get here.

Feel free to message us if you have any other questions and stay safe out there.

New webstore

We have been working hard on adding a new web store to our website . We finally have something up. It does not have our full product list yet, but we are adding more products daily and continue to work on the visuals. For now it is functional, so feel free to check it out. If you run into any problems, please message us so we can get it fixed up. Stay safe out there! We look forward to the day we will have people playing in the store again.

Store Update

Due to an absolutely amazing outpouring of support from our community, Glimpses will be offering curbside pick up during the quarantine. All payments will be collected over the phone, and all items will be wiped down and transferred from a safe distance.
Glimpses is a community store, and we have decided that it is against our beliefs to profit in any way from this tragedy. During the quarantine, we will donate all profits above our running expenses to local charities and families who are unable to remain safely employed.
We at Glimpses take the Covid 19 epidemic extremely seriously. We ask that everyone remain a minimum of 6 feet from us and the shop during the transfer of items. We have people in our gaming community who are extremely susceptible to this virus, and consider it to be our personal responsibility to help stop the spread. Thank you for being a home and a family to us and to one another.