Purple Wednesday

Today is “Purple Wednesday,” the day where Black Friday sales are leaked out in hopes of seeing all your lovely faces over the weekend. We will be having two separate discounts which will run Friday – Sunday and will only apply to stock on hand (so come early for the best options).

#1: Hooray for the return of our favorite sale, the d20 discount! Roll a d20 at the register to determine what percentage off you will receive. Recommendations are being made for some fun twists to this sale, so follow that conversation in our discord welcome channel to see what kind of character bonuses we might hand out.

#2: We will have a table filled with items that are buy two, get one of equal or lower price for free. These will be completely mix and match. Because our distributors have strict rules about what we are allowed to advertise, I literally can not tell you what will be on that table. I will, however, be posting some random and possibly difficult to decipher pictures throughout the day of items as we add them. So feel free to speculate about what might be available. Or even drop by and take a look today as we prepare. Just don’t spoil the spoiling!!! If you come look at the table today, you are in on the secret and must not reveal your treasured knowledge!

Happy Turkey Week

We have a couple of changes to our schedule this week. There will be no paint night for the next two weeks. The December 1st paint class will be a terrain building night instead so come in and have some fun building some cool things to put on your gaming board.

Glimpses will be closed the 25th for Thanksgiving but will be open at our regular time on Friday. Those are the changes for this week and you can see everything we have going on at the shop down below. Have a great Thanksgiving and happy gaming.

Tuesday 6pm MtG Modern Tournament
Thursday Closed for Thanksgiving
Friday 6:30pm MtG Crimson Vow Draft
Sunday 3pm Pokemon League


That’s right! We are entering the digital age here at Glimpses. We now have a public Discord server with many gaming channels for your conversational delight. Would you like to discuss D&D with other local RPG enthusiasts? Now is your chance. Maybe need some deck building advice? Ask a fellow Glimpses gamer for advise. Most importantly, you can now make plans to meet up and play games without having to already be best of friends or private contacts.


This server will be subject to the same rules as Glimpses. We are a family store, so save the adult language for private conversations. We welcome all players, regardless of skill. And if you aren’t sure, follow the Thumper rule: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.”

Did you know that Glimpses also has an Instagram? @glimpsesofwonderandwarfare (It is mostly full of Amy’s painting jobs which can also be seen @mutecatstudio )

MtG Crimson Vow Prerelease

It is prerelease time for the new MtG set Crimson Vow. We will be running events all weekend so come in and try out the new set. Each event is $25 and if you buy 4, you get the 5th for free. Below is the list of events. Masks and proof of vaccination are required. Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you here.

11/12 6:30pm MtG Crimson Vow Sealed Event

11/13 1:00pm MtG Crimson Vow Sealed Event 6:30pm MtG Crimson Vow Sealed Event

11/14 1:00pm MtG Crimson Vow 2-Headed Giant Sealed Event 6:30pm MtG Crimson Vow Sealed Event

Loyalty Program Begins November 1

Today we are launching a new loyalty program to say thank you, our valued customers! This program will have five tiers, each with an increasing bonus. At each tier you will be given the option of cashing out or continuing to save your points for a larger bonus. You are rewarded a point for every dollar spent.

Once you hit 100 points, or tier 1, you may choose to redeem your points as a $5 coupon towards a purchase of $25 or more. 150 points is our second tier and is a $10 coupon towards a purchase of $50 or more. 200 points gets you $15 off of a $50+ purchase. 300 points is $25 off of a $75+ purchase and finally at 400 points you will be able to redeem $40 off of a $100+ purchase. Once you use a coupon, you reset back to 0 and start the process all over again without limitations.

We hope that you are all able to find the reward that works best for you! We hope this extra value finds you just in time for the holidays as you buy gifts for your friends and family while earning rewards for yourself.