Weekly Event Schedule

Here is a quick look at our weekly events. Proof of vaccination is required for Magic, Pokemon, and Star Wars events.

  • Monday
  • 5pm Star Wars X-Wing/Legion
  • 6pm MtG Legacy Tournament $5
  • Tuesday
  • 6pm MtG Modern Tournament $5
  • Wednesday
  • 4pm-8pm Paint with Friends
  • Friday
  • 6:30pm MtG Midnight Hunt Draft $15
  • Sunday
  • 3pm Pokemon League

Happy gaming!

Paint with friends!

Join Amy Wednesday nights for painting with friends! You can bring your projects and be inspired by, or help to inspire others. Not sure where to start? New to painting and scared to throw on that first layer? Maybe you want to branch out, but can’t commit to a color scheme. We can help with that too. There will be different brushes, paints, and tools available for you to try out. Learn to blend, drybrush, wash, etc. in a fun environment. All different levels of painters are welcome. You experts can help give advise to those who are new to the hobby! Amy’s most commonly given advise? “Don’t be scared. You can always paint over it!”

D&D Manticore Paint Night

Join Amy Wednesday, September 22nd for paint night with the Nolzur’s D&D Manticore! $20 will include the manticore miniature, 2 brushes, 12 Vallejo small paints, and step by step instruction. This is a drop in event running from 4-9pm, so arrive any time and work at your own pace. Amy will be available for instruction, or if you prefer there is a QR code link to an online tutorial. Space and supplies are limited for this class, so sign up in advance to guarantee your spot.

Innistrad Midnight Hunt Prerelease

The prerelease for the new Magic the Gathering set, Innistrad Midnight Hunt, begins on Friday September 17th. We will be running events throughout the weekend so be ready for some gaming.

Each event will cost $25 but if you sign up for all 5 events, you will get the 5th one for free. Proof of vaccination and masks are required to play in the event. Feel free to message us if you have any questions.


  • 6pm Midnight Hunt Prerelease $25


  • 1pm Midnight Hunt Prerelease $25
  • 6pm Midnight Hunt Prerelease $25


  • 1pm Midnight Hunt Two Headed Giant Prerelease $25 per player
  • 6pm Midnight Hunt Prerelease $25

Amy Gets Good at layering vs. dry brushing

Wednesday September 1st Amy will attempt to get good at layering vs. dry brushing.

I can describe to you the difference in consistency between these paints, but since I always water them down, I use them interchangeably. This week I will try to learn about and offer examples of the difference in techniques.

Join me from 4-8 every Wednesday to paint with friends. You do not need to work on the technique I am teaching/learning. I will always bring a large array of paints, brushes, and unasked for advice; all of which are free. If you are new to the hobby or just want to practice a new idea, I also have pre primed miniatures that you may purchase cheaply to practice on. This is a drop in event. See you Wednesday!!!