New Discord Server!

That’s right! We are entering the digital age here at Glimpses. We now have a public Discord server with many gaming channels for your conversational delight. Would you like to discuss D&D with other local RPG enthusiasts? Now is your chance. Maybe need some deck building advice? Ask a fellow Glimpses gamer for advise. Most importantly, you can now make plans to meet up and play games without having to already be best of friends or private contacts.

This server will be subject to the same rules as Glimpses. We are a family store, so save the adult language for private conversations. We welcome all players, regardless of skill. And if you aren’t sure, follow the Thumper rule: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.”

Did you know that Glimpses also has an Instagram? @glimpsesofwonderandwarfare (It is mostly full of Amy’s painting jobs which can also be seen @mutecatstudio )