Magic The Gathering

Magic! It’s… Magical!

Over the year here at Glimpses we have built up quite the all-ages community of Gamers. One of the games that stands out here at the shop is Magic: The Gathering. In its 20+ years of existence, Magic has generated quite the following and it is continuing to grow. Although we have only been around a little over a year, we would like to thank the people that have helped make this game a hit here at Glimpses.


The events here at the store would not be what they are without you. Our Fridays are the place to be for so many as we continue to grow. Tuesday night Modern may be small, but also one of the only places in the area that will host a Modern event. We are looking to extend some of the events to some other days/evenings as time goes on, so let us know if there is something you would like to see. No promises it will actually happen, but you never know unless you ask.

Tuesday 6:30pm: Modern $5 Entry

Friday 6:00pm: Friday Night Magic.

First three weeks of a new set will be booster drafts ($15 entry). The Friday of Gameday up till the next release will be Standard ($5 entry)

Saturday All Day: Free play