Old West Board Game Day

The next Board Game Day is happening on Saturday June 15th. It will be western themed so be ready to shoot guns, rob trains and ride horses. The event starts at 12pm and everything is free of charge. All you have to do is come in to play and have some fun. Below is a list of games that will be played. Spots are limited so be sure to reserve a spot if you want to play a particular game. The last two games are pick up games that you can play while you wait for a new game to start.

  • 12pm Great Wester Trail
  • 4pm Western Legends
  • 6pm Western Town
  • Deadwood Studios
  • Colt Express

Keyforge, Age of Ascension

The next set for Keyforge, Age of Ascension arrives this Thursday. We will be hosting a tournament for the new set on Saturday starting at 6:30pm. The entry fee is $15 and you will receive a deck from the new set. We will have promo material for those taking part in the event along with store credit for the top players.

There will be a special raffle during the event. 1 player will receive a promotional deck with Glimpses in the title. It’s a casual event so come in and have some fun. If you are new to the game, be sure to come in early and we can go over the rules with you.

Have a great week and good luck in all of your gaming.

Planeswalker Weekend

This Saturday will be our MtG Planeswalker Event. Starting at 6:30, each player will receive a prerelease pack to build a deck and play for prizes. There will be promo cards for the event and the winner of the event will receive a War of the Spark event playmat.
Wizards has a special rule for the event. Planeswalkers can be cast using any mana type so feel free to stack your deck with all of the planeswalkers you can.

The event costs $26 to join and spots are limited so be sure to reserve your spot as soon as possible.

Warhammer Champions

Glimpses will be hosting a learn to play Warhammer Champions event tomorrow. We will have a representative from Playfusion coming in to teach people how to play and he will also have some promo material for those taking part. If there is enough interest, we could even run a casual tournament.
The event will start at 6pm so come in and learn to play this extremely fun card game.