Warhammer/Age of Sigmar

War wages across the shifting battlefields at Glimpses, and you can determine which faction will end up with ultimate control! It is easy to participate in this campaign, and the best part, it is FREE! All that you need to do, is come on down to Glimpses of Wonder and Warfare, and play a game of Age of Sigmar, purchase an Age of Sigmar unit from Glimpses, or paint a unit that was purchased from the store! Each of these actions will result in a “victory point” for your chosen faction. The faction with the most amount of victory points will have their emblem on display in the store, showing everyone else who is boss of this territory…for now.

Signing up: Come into Glimpses, declare which faction you will be fighting for (Order, Destruction, Death or Chaos), and sign your name on the corresponding emblem. Each person can only sign one emblem, but of course you are allowed to play for, and buy units from different factions.

Play: Each time you play a game of Age of Sigmar at a store, you and your opponent will fill out your information in the provided binder (Names, Winning Faction, Opponent, Signatures) in order to log your game. Each victory (major or minor) is worth one victory point for the faction that you are representing. If you are playing with mixed factions, then you can declare which faction you want to receive the victory points, either the faction you declared for, or a faction that was present in your army. If you are playing as a non-mixed faction, then the faction that you are playing as receives the victory points. We recommend playing Matched Play Games, but if beforehand you and your opponent decide to play something else, that game can count as well.
One Sunday a month (usually the first), will be a designated Age of Sigmar Campaign day. One these special days, each victory will be worth 2 victory points for your faction. The first game will be random opponents, with a set battleplan. Each army will consist of 1500pts, and will follow the rules for matched play in the general’s handbook.

Purchase: Each time you purchase one unit from Glimpses of Wonder and Warfare, fill out the appropriate section in the binder at the store (Name, unit purchased, signature of seller) Each unit purchased is worth 1 victory point for a faction of your choice. (Ex., if you purchased the Sylvaneth Start Collecting, it would be worth 3 victory points, since it comes with 3 units)
On the Special Sundays, each purchase will be worth 2 Victory Points as well!

Paint: Once you have purchased a unit from Glimpses, make sure to bring it back when it is painted. Each time you bring back a newly finished unit, you can claim a victory point for a faction of your choice!