Busy week of Gaming!

We are starting to get back into the swing of things here, and our schedule is filling up! There are a few new and/or limited events this month. So keep an eye on that schedule as we are able to allow more and more people in for games.

April 9: Learn to Play 40k Kill Team 1pm -4pm

April 10: Pokémon Standard Tournament 2:30pm, $5 (proof of vaccination and masks required for this event.)

April 11: MtG Legacy Tournament 6pm, $5

April 12: MtG Modern Tournament 6pm, $5

April 13: Paint with Friends 4pm, MtG Commander casual play

April 14: Infinity casual play 5pm-8pm

April 15: The final FNM Kamigawa Neon Dynasty draft 6:30pm, $15

April 16: Learn to Paint Wiz Kids Dire Troll Paint party

April 17: Closed for the Easter Holiday

Coming up: MtG Prerelease April 22-24, Learn to Play Magic the Gathering/ MtG Youth League starting April 24, and Board Game Day May 7.