Monkey became a member of the Glimpses’ team in 2020 when his health was such that he could not be left alone even for a short time. His partner became terminally ill and Monkey would lay next to her refusing to eat or drink. At first he just appeared to be depressed. Being a fairly large cat, the sudden weight loss didn’t seem like a problem. But as time went on, it was clear that Monkey was struggling. When he would try to eat, he would immediately become sick. Even the smell of food would make him retch. After several tests it was learned that his kidneys and pancreas were failing.

Monkey spent that weekend in the hospital having a feeding tube inserted through his neck. Even with the often daily help of our amazing local vets, and 24/7 affection and attention, Monkey decided after 8 weeks to pull out his own feeding tube. He had lost 12 pounds, and his future seemed to balance on the edge of a knife. We rushed him in to the doctor who said that at this point it would be up to him to start eating again. And… he did. In fact, he ate and ate and ate! Monkey is now back up to a whopping 23 pounds. He doesn’t visit the shop very often anymore, but he will always be our shop kitty!