Ravnica Allegiance Prerelease

Prerelease weekend is almost upon us. Spots are filling up fast so be sure to come in and reserve your spot. We have a special deal going on for this prerelease. If you purchase 5 prerelease kits and choose one of each guild, you will get one of them for free. We also have booster boxes for sale that you can pick up this weekend at they are $100 per box until Sunday.
Midnight MtG Ravnica Allegiance Sealed event $26
2pm MtG Ravnica Allegiance Sealed event $26
6:30pm MtG Ravnica Allegiance Sealed event $26
2pm MtG Ravnica Allegiance 2-Headed Giant event $26 per player
6:30pmMtG Ravnica Allegiance Sealed event $26
In order to reserve a spot and pick a guild you must purchase the kits before we can hold your spot and pack. We sold out last prerelease so be sure to get your spot as soon as possible. Have a great weekend everyone.