MtG Core 2021 Prerelease

We here at Glimpses have been thinking a lot about how we would like to run our prerelease events this weekend for the new Magic the Gathering Core 2021. After a lot of debate, we have come up with a limited schedule of events. Each of these events will only have a total of 8 players so be sure to sign up as soon as possible. With the new state rules, everyone in the store must wear masks. Wizards has given the ok to run events throughout the week in addition to the weekend so here is a list of the upcoming events.

Friday 6/26 6:00pm
Saturday 6/27 11am, 3pm & 7pm
Sunday 6/28 11am, 3pm Two Headed Giant event & 7pm
Monday 6/29 – Wednesday 7/16pm

Feel free to message us if you have any questions.