Dice Masters Tournament


Today, we are happy to announce that Glimpses will begin hosting Dice Masters tournaments.  Starting Thursday, November 12th, we will have a tournament starting at 7pm.  The first event will be a War of Light Rainbow Draft.  The cost to enter is $15 and you will receive 12 packs to draft from.  At the end of the tournament, there will be prizes such as promotional cards and a choice of cards depending on your ranking.

All you will need to bring to the tournament are 2 basic action cards from the War of Light set, basic action dice and sidekick dice.  If you don’t have those, feel free to borrow them from the store although we have a limited amount to loan so make sure you ask early.  If you have any questions, feel free to swing by and ask away or come in and learn how to play.  Draft formats are a great way to get started since you are on level ground with the other players and you get a lot of cards and dice to add to your collection.

We look forward to this new tournament and we hope to see more of you coming in and playing.  Happy gaming and see you all soon.