Amy Gets Good

Starting Aug. 18th, we will be starting a little get together called, “Amy Gets Good.” The time is not necessarily nailed down yet, but it will be 4pm- 7pm this Wednesday. AGG will be a time where we as a community can come together to share skills and ideas. For the most part, we will be working on different painting skills. But let’s face it, Amy can stand to ‘get good’ at a few other gaming skills so the potential is limitless. This week will be Amy Gets Good at contrast painting. If you would like to join the event, we will be providing practice miniatures, paints, and brushes. For $10 you bring nothing with you, and walk away with what you have painted and hopefully a new skill. If you are not interested in the painting lesson aspect, you are still invited!! For $0 you bring whatever model you are working on and come paint with friends. It will be fun! We will share ideas and experiences so as to learn from and inspire one another.