12th Day of Christmas 2018

Today is the last day of our Christmas sales but before we get to it we have a couple of changes to our hours. Glimpses will be closing at 6pm tonight and we will be closed for Christmas Day. Now on to the sales.
On the twelfth day of Christmas Glimpses gave to me
20% off all sealed product not already listed,
15% off all Magic the Gathering sealed product,
15% of Games Workshop product,
20% off RPG games and supplies,
20% off all board games,
20% off hobby supplies (Glue, basing products, airbrush supplies),
20% off gaming supplies (Dice, deck box, sleeves),
25% off products from a galaxy far far away,
25% off Infinity and 35% off Guild Ball,
20% off Paint and Paint Supplies,
25% off Pokemon product
and 35% off all Yu-Gi-Oh product.