The Blob That Ate Everything Event

After a strange meteor crashed outside of Blackwater, the town was placed under lockdown by a shadowy government agency. A few select investigators have been allowed to enter but everything spins out of control when something hatches from the meteor. Do you have what it takes to stop it before it devours the town?

Glimpses will be hosting the Arkham Horror LCG scenario The Blob that Everything on August 29th. It is a free event but you will need a few things to participate. This scenario allows multiple groups to play in one big game but each group will need their own copy of the scenario. If you don’t have it yet, we have copies available for purchase.
Each player will need to bring their own investigator deck following the rules for building decks for one off scenarios. If you don’t have a group to play with, feel free to message us if you are looking to join a group. For those groups that have room for more players, let us know if you are willing to add a new player to join you.

If you would like to join in the fun, message us and we will add you to the list. Masks will be required during the event. We look forward to having you join us and good luck not getting devoured.

Amy Gets Good

Starting Aug. 18th, we will be starting a little get together called, “Amy Gets Good.” The time is not necessarily nailed down yet, but it will be 4pm- 7pm this Wednesday. AGG will be a time where we as a community can come together to share skills and ideas. For the most part, we will be working on different painting skills. But let’s face it, Amy can stand to ‘get good’ at a few other gaming skills so the potential is limitless. This week will be Amy Gets Good at contrast painting. If you would like to join the event, we will be providing practice miniatures, paints, and brushes. For $10 you bring nothing with you, and walk away with what you have painted and hopefully a new skill. If you are not interested in the painting lesson aspect, you are still invited!! For $0 you bring whatever model you are working on and come paint with friends. It will be fun! We will share ideas and experiences so as to learn from and inspire one another.

Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield- Evolving Skies

Today was a lot of fun! We got to host a small preview (unofficial prerelease) of the newest Pokémon set Sword and Shield- Evolving Skies. This expansion will release on August 27, so mark your calendar now! If you are looking for a Pokémon TCG fix in the mean time, join us Sundays from 3-5 for some game time. We welcome all levels of players at the Sunday afternoon meetups. Please remember to bring your proof of vaccination and a mask for these events.

August 2021 Event Schedule

Here is a brief list of upcoming events in August. Currently we are requiring all participants to bring proof of vaccination. Pokemon players will need proof of vaccination and must wear masks. We will post more information as events get closer. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us.

  • Every Tuesday MtG Modern Tournament $5
  • Every Friday MtG Legacy Tournament $5
  • Every Sunday Pokemon League Free
  • 8/14 Pokemon Evolving Skies Prerelease $30
  • 8/28 Age of Sigmar Path to Glory Free
  • 8/29 Arkham Horror LCG The Blob That Ate Everything Free

Gaming Begins Again

Magic Players! We are starting to schedule events to be held in store! Starting with our Pre Release Event for Adventures in the Forgotten Realms the weekend of July 16th – 18th. These events will have a limited number of seats available and proof of vaccination will be a requirement.

We are also going to be hosting weekly events starting on Friday, July 23rd. We are bringing back Modern on Tuesdays nights starting at 6pm and Legacy on Fridays starting at 6pm. The following is a list of rules that will apply to all events for the time being. If you have any questions, feel free to message us.

1. These events will have a cap of 18 players total.

2. Proof of vaccination is required. If you are not outside of your 15 day window from your final shot, you will not be able to attend the event.

3. Outside Food and Drink will not be allowed.

4. You can sign up for these events up to a week in advance during store hours.

5. If you happen to miss the cutoff due to player capacity, we will place you as a priority player for the next possible event of that type.

6. If you are unable to make it to the event 15 minutes prior to the start time and you have reserved a spot, you will need to call us to verify you are on your way. If we have people here ready to play, you will get bumped if you do not contact us.

7. If you are running late and contact us, we will start the event on time and your spot will not be given to someone else. You will only have 10 minutes from the event start time to when you need to be seated and set up with your first hand drawn in order to not take a game loss in the first round. 8. We do anticipate our phone lines will be busy the 30 minutes leading up to the start time, so if you are unable to get through, keep trying, we will be as understanding as we can through all of this.