Season 2 40k Escalation League

Season 2 has ended and we have our winners.  Chad and his Dark Eldar were able to defeat everything thrown at them and went undefeated.  Ryan won the Best Painted Army prize with his Crimson Fists for the second season in a row.  Finally we had the Blood Angels led by Andrew as the winner for best opponent.  Great job everyone and we look forward to starting the next Escalation League in July.

1.  6-0  53vp  Chad’s Dark Eldar

2.  4-2  39vp  Zack’s Eldar

3.  4-2  37vp  Eric’s Eldar

4.  3-3  35vp Andrew’s Blood Angels

5.  1-5  19vp  Ryan’s Crimson Fists

6.  0-6  2vp  Brian’s Orks

7.  0-6  1vp  Cody’s Astra Militarum

DE vs Salamanders